The company now and before

Lapland Delight started of as Saariselkä Tourism Services and has provided travel services  in the Inari-Saariselkä area for nearly 30 years.

The business begins in 80’s, when Matti Saastamoinen decided to offer tourism services to people who need them. At the beginig to the present day, the company has respected the local nature and culture, and these are also the things offered to tourists. Focus has been especially on the quality of our customer service as well as on comprehensive service packets.

In 2004 the business is handled from Matti to his son Petri Saastamoinen. Services and values of the Saariselkä Tourism Services still remain.

At present the company provides entertainment for dinner events, birthdays, weddings etc. When needed also producing of advertisement, marketing & customer services consulting is available.