Massu Lauhalolo – a mischievous elf

Despite his name he is not always so nice… Even the best behaved children are frightened of this elf. Massu Lauhaolo feels good when he's on his own, but during Christmastime this wicked elf seeks the company of people. His jokes will even the worst kind of storytellers blush. It might even happen that Massu gets inspired to share a song or two with you. But please note that it might be better not to share them with Santa later on. The program of Massu Lauhaolo includes different kinds of jokes related to Christmas. The Massu Lauhaolo show is best suited for Christmas Parties when even rought jokes are allowed. The length of the program will be fitted according to your wishes.

Taavetti Paljakka – Wildernessguide

You have a unique opportunity to meet Taavetti Paljakka. A wilderness guide as old as the hills master of the wilderness. He has hiked under the midnight sun, over the permafrost, lived under the Northern Lights. He is the wrinkled master of freezing weather. Taavetti tells you more or less instructive tales about the nature and life in the wilderness, gives useful tips for backpacking, and last but not least, he will see to it that you have protection for your nose tip during freezing weather. If you are lucky Taavetti might take out his old guitar and sing you a song or two. Taavettis nice and humble character will give you an unforgettable memory. This program suits perfectly to raise a good mood and relaxed atmosphere after a day filled with work, or just to make your evening pleasant and funny. The program includes tales from Lapland, jokes, anecdotes and songs. As a creative and flexible artist Taavetti wants to interact with audience. We are eager to design a unique program for you, and therefore your wishes on subjects for stories are welcome and remember to tell us if you have a special ‘star’ in the audience who you would like Taavetti to interact with. The length of the program is from 15-60 minutes. Taavetti can also raise your moods by several short visits during the evening, entirely according to your wishes.

Per “Pärre” Saukko

Pärre is a living legend, a lively lappish guy, originally from southern Finland who drifted all the way through Cuba’s hot nights to end up living under the Northern Lights and Midnight sun. Pärre is a wanderer who has always something to say. He is always ready to join you as soon as you call him. Pärre tells stories from his colourful life, sings and plays the guitar and welcomes all to sing with him. As an outgoing person and a warm character, he offers a drink or two while he entertains you with drinking songs. This program is perfect to delight your social event; cocktail party, Christmas party, wedding, stag party or birthday party. The program includes mainly Lapland related anecdotes and songs. Context can be fitted according to the audience in question. The style of the program is humoristic and interactive, and the audience is welcome to interact with the performer. Please do tell us if you have any special wishes considering the program. Do you have somebody special in the audience you would like Pärre to interact with? If you so wish Pärre can offer drinks to the audience in kuksas (kuksa = wooden Lappish cup). It is possible to have your company logo or your guests names carved on the kuksas if you wish to hand out them as souvenirs to the participants.

Santa Claus

May be you already know that the only and original Santa Claus lives in fell Korvatunturi, which lies near to Saariselkä wilderness area. And therefore Santa Claus is a frequent guest in Saariselkä area and surroundings, and even in other times than Christmas. He can join to your travel group as well if you wish, and may give you some little presents and foretastes of Christmas. As a program Santa Claus is a good choice in almost all situations. His visit can be arranged according to your schedule and in your terms. Prorgam length can vary from 10 minutes to over 1 hours show.